Reach a captive audience in public washrooms in restaurants, bars, fitness centers, movie theaters, salons/barber shops, boutiques, malls, and other high traffic venues located in the Coastal Empire.

A marketing concept that specializes in targeting a captive audience and getting results.

How do we do that? With indoor billboards strategically installed behind stall doors in women’s washrooms and above urinals in the men’s rooms to achieve maximum visibility. That’s right…the ads are in the bathroom!

We GUARANTEE a captive audience for 30 seconds to 4 minutes. Restroom advertising is proven to work. United Indoor Advertising ads are placed in front of people with disposable income and have their undivided attention for several minutes as opposed to a couple of fleeting seconds usually experienced in other forms of advertising. These magazine quality, full-color ads are more affordable than almost any other advertising in the area. You can even target your audience by gender, age, geographic location, income level, special interests, and venue type.

  • Recalled Ads in Washrooms 84%
  • Were Able to Name Advertisers 92%
  • Recalled Four Selling Points in Ads 88%
  • Reacted Positively to Seeing Ads 98%

Our Consumers

Public Washrooms

We advertise in public washrooms in restaurants/bars (restobars), fitness centers, movie theatres, salons/barber shops, boutiques, malls, and other high traffic venues located in the Coastal Empire in order to target specific demographics in a relaxed and clutter-free environment. Typically, our framed ads are mounted above the urinals in the men’s rooms and inside the stall doors in ladies’ rooms.

coaster advertisements


Did you know the average bar uses 5,000 coasters a month? Double that for high-volume chain restaurants! Your message will be effectively delivered thousands of times a night on our 4” FULL COLOR coasters. Standard sizes are square or round, but custom shapes are also available. Think about it. Every time you lift your drink, you have to look at the bar. Every time you put your drink back down, you have to look at the bar. Why not advertise on coasters? It’s so simple, yet so effective!

napkin holder advertisements

Napkin Holders

United Indoor Advertising is simple yet powerful. The possibilities are endless when advertising in napkin holders. Now you have the ability to target and place your advertising message directly in front of your audience. This powerful new form of media allows your creative campaign to be seen by thousands of consumers without the interruption of other media. When patrons are enjoying a night out at a bar or nightclub, you will be right there with them for their entire stay. We categorize our venues by demographics and theme. Are you looking to target males between 18-34? Your campaign could work best in our network of sports bars.

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